Homebrew Calculators


  • ABV

    ABV Calculator

    Calculates alcohol by volume given a change in specific gravity.

  • Mash

    Mash Calculator

    Calculates strike water volume and temperature for infusion & BIAB mashes.

  • LME & DME

    LME & DME Calculator

    Converts between LME and DME weights while preserving the same gravity.

  • Hydrometer Temperature Correction

    Hydrometer Temperature Correction Calculator

    Hydrometers are standardized to 59°F (15°C), and when used in a sample at any other temperature, the observed reading must be corrected.

  • Brix Conversion

    Brix Conversion Calculator

    Many hydrometers and refractometers may provide a reading in degrees Brix instead of standard gravity.

  • Bottle Priming

    Bottle Priming Calculator

    The amount of priming sugar needed to carbonate a beer depends on the type of sugar used and the preferred level (volumes) of carbonation desired.

  • Step Infusion

    Step Infusion Calculator

    During a mash schedule, boiling water can be used to increase the step temperature.

  • Dilution and Boil Off Gravity

    Dilution and Boil Off Gravity Calculator

    Adding or removing water (or any liquid) during or after the boil directly affects the gravity of the batch of beer.

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