5 Jaw Dropping Homebrew Rigs & Sculptures

Homebrewers enter the hobby in various ways, one-gallon kits, 5 gallon extract and even some adventurous types jump straight into 5 gallon all-grain setups. Very few move to full scale brew sculptures, but it's eye candy to look at and dream about. Here are some jaw-dropping homebrew rigs we have found from our own research (though is it really research when you're just ogling?)

TheBrewBox posted this fine specimen; his own electric brewing setup of 11 gallon stainless tanks, Chugger pumps and one of the coolest electric panel UI's we've seen. It's always fun when engineering and brewing mix.

Homebrew Room

This is more than just a brew sculpture, it's an entire brew room! JonyMac has gone all out in every aspect of his brew setup, from the attention to stainless steel to the clean flow of the brewing line.  Blichmann kettles to Ss Brewtech conicals all flowing through March pumps. This is one brew room to aspire towards.

Garage Homebrew Sculpture

I liked this setup a lot too, while not "fancy", this is still a professional rig that no doubt can net efficiency and repeatably every time.  dye4me created a "budget" setup with industrial shelves in a partial gravity system using some keggle pieces along with a Blichmann for a mash-tun.

Mobile Homebrewery

This low-profile setup from ShepFL packs a punch. 45 gallon stainless mash-tun, LT and kettle. Chugger pumps controlled through a PID. Has the look of a chicken tractor, only this guy puts out some big brews.

Gravity Homebrew Setup

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Last but not least, dmcman73's Spike centric Kal inspired electric setup is a real dream setup. Nice gravity flow, custom wood stand let's this brewer brew on a big scale, in a confined setup.

We know there are lots and lots more brew setups out there and we would love to showcase them in future blog posts, plus on social, so if you have a brew rig you want to show off please shoot us an e-mail at support@homebrewsupply.com and we would be more than glad to share it!

written by Keith Ubben

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