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  • 12 Tips to Making Amazing Session Beers

    Beer enthusiasts seek out and enjoy a lot of stronger styles, and with good reason. The richness, complexity, and depth of flavor we find in a stronger beer like a DIPA, an Imperial Stout, or a Wee Heavy just can’t be beat. The market keeps fulfilling the demand for these beers, and homebrewers make their own on top of that. But we can’t always drink big beers, no matter how much we want to. Sometimes, we want to have a fe...

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  • All Natural Homebrewed Ginger Ale with a Ginger Bug

    According to Wikipedia: Traditional ginger ale  (or ginger beer) is a naturally sweetened and carbonated, non-alcoholic beverage. It is produced by the natural fermentation of prepared ginger, spices, yeast and sugar. Thank you for the insight Wikipedia, I could not have said it better myself. I can, however, guide you through the process of brewing ginger beer a little bit. I am no ginger beer aficionado, but I do enjoy the ...

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  • Easy Partial Mash Brewing in 7 Steps

    You’ve made a few extract-based beer kits, maybe even put together a few recipes of your own. You’re using steeped caramel and roasted malts to add color and flavor to your beer, and everything’s going great. But you want to expand your repertoire, and explore some of the bins of base malts available to homebrewers. Those other bins are full of all kinds great flavors and colors of malts, but base malts need mashing, not...

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  • Holiday Side Dishes Made With Homebrew

    Many homebrewers like to find new ways to incorporate their beers into everything. After all this is the best way to gain support of significant others, and maybe even convert an in-law or two into dedicated homebrewers as well. The tail end of Fall means the holiday season is upon us, and beyond pairing beer with holiday meals, we can cook with homebrew as well. Here are some great homebrew inspired side dishes. Why Cook With...

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  • Hosting A Very Homebrew Halloween Party

    It's October, and that means Halloween just might be on your brain. If you're one to dive into the festivities every October the 31st, you may host a gathering with friends to drink and have fun. A homebrew driven Halloween bash can be a lot of fun and it gives you an excuse to brew more beer. Here are a few ideas to get you inspired about hosting a homebrew Halloween party of your own. Serve Homebrew From a Pumpkin A uniq...

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  • Hosting A Homebrew Olympics

    The Olympics are here! Even better, the Summer Olympics! That means warm weather, cold beers, and for most if not all of the country, an ability to go outside without a big puffy jacket. This alignment of time and tradition make it the perfect opportunity to host your own Olympics. Homebrew Olympics that is. Grab some friends this August, and battle it out in a series of events that will challenge your brains, your ability to ...

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  • How to Make Alcoholic Ginger Ale

    Alcoholic ginger ale is gaining popularity today, but has been around for centuries. Long before Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale in the United States, Crabbie’s and other brands enjoyed a long history of success in the United Kingdom. Regardless of where you live, the good news is that alcoholic ginger ale is very easy to make, and it’s easy to adjust a recipe to suit one’s own particular tastes. This article will walk yo...

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  • Sugar Additions Homebrew : When and Why

    There are two common reasons you might use sugar additions in a homebrew recipe. Either it was planned in advance for a particular recipe, or you are using it as a stopgap measure to recover from a poor gravity reading in an all-grain recipe. I will address both reasons here. If you have never added sugar to your homebrew as a response to a problematic brew process, this might be a good time to pull out your note pad and take ...

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  • Shipping Beer Legally

    I was looking to ship a few beers to a distant friend recently. After some research, I’ve discovered that shipping beer is anything but a cakewalk… I’m going to speak to this in three phases; the legality/”rules” issue(s), the physical packing itself, and other legal creative solutions. But please understand that this is only a “best-guess” assessment at the moment. Laws change, individual experiences vary con...

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