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  • Quick Hits: Homebrewing Questions Answered 04

    Featured Product Recipe Kits Extract brewing cuts down the time it takes to finish a batch down considerable, allowing the brewer to skip the "mashing" process altogether and go straight to the boil. It also requiring less equipment than all-grain brewing. $25.95 - 72.95 Order Now In the last Quick Hits, we answered homebrewing questions about yeast, dunk sparging, and oxygenation issues. We're going to continue the yeast ...

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  • Sugar Additions Homebrew : When and Why

    There are two common reasons you might use sugar additions in a homebrew recipe. Either it was planned in advance for a particular recipe, or you are using it as a stopgap measure to recover from a poor gravity reading in an all-grain recipe. I will address both reasons here. If you have never added sugar to your homebrew as a response to a problematic brew process, this might be a good time to pull out your note pad and take ...

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  • Boiling up a Bochet

    I love wood-aged, high-gravity beers. Russian Imperial Stouts, Old Ales, Barleywines, even the occasional Imperial Czech Premium Pale Lager (more commonly known as a Bohemian Pilsner). As a consequence, I don't always have the space to facilitate aging these wonderful brews, and my itch to have a brew day gets stronger. After a few months of only having the occasional brew day, I caved, and started researching other ways to ge...

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  • Homebrewing Pitch Rates

    In my opinion, one of the simplest things you can do to improve your homebrew is to pitch the proper amount of yeast. Most beginner homebrew kits come with a small packet of dry yeast which the instructions tell new brewers to sprinkle over their cooled wort with no explanation or justification. As such, when brewers take the next step they grab a packet of dry yeast, or a pack/vial of liquid yeast, and call it good. After all...

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  • What is Homebrewing?

    Almost every brewer you’ll run into is friendly and humble about their particular level of skill. That’s because we all know what it’s like to start out having no idea what you’re doing. Everyone has been there, and wants to help newcomers thrive as brewers. With the internet, a global community of home brewers can now share their knowledge with others, and everyone now has access to incredible amounts of information t...

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  • Labels and Branding Your Homebrew

    What is a Brand? It’s kind of a broad term, but it all comes down to a consistent “image” or style that is recognizable between products of the same maker. In this case, if two labeled homebrews sat next to each other, could you tell they were all from the same brewer despite being very different homebrews? In this article I’ll go over some of the techniques you can use to create a cohesive brand for your homebrew, as ...

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  • Introduction to Mead - How to Make Mead

    What is Mead?: Mead is a wine whose fermentable ingredients come from honey instead of grapes. It has existed in society for thousands of years. When honey was harder to collect, it was a drink reserved for upper class citizens. Thanks to some really brave people with smoke cans and mesh suits; we can all get honey (and in extension, mead) a little easier. In terms of making mead, you need at least these three ingredients: Hon...

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