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  • Getting to the Root of Homebrewed Root Beer

    I don’t have to tell you about the stunningly wide variety of beers you can create at home. You’re here on Homebrew Supply, after all. You already know. But what about root beer? It has “beer” in its name, but we don’t often think about it in homebrewing discussions. After all, most of us don’t think about it as “beer” at all, since it’s most widely consumed as a non-alcoholic soda beverage. A Bit of History ...

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  • How to Make German Gluhwein

    German Gluhwein is the name given for wine mulled with spices that is served warm. As weather grows colder, Gluhwein is a warm spicy treat that is great for gatherings with family and friends, or even just sharing a couple glasses on a cold night while watching TV. Mulled wine sounds like a lot of work, but it's actually quite simple, and easily scale-able! A Bit of History Gluhwein is actually  an integral part of the holida...

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  • How to Tell if Your Beer or Mead is Infected

    The fermentation process can look alien at times, which may make you ask yourself "is this infected?" Once you've asked yourself that question, you begin to go down the rabbit hole and start to contemplate dumping your homebrew down the drain. But before you take that step, you should be very sure that it's a dumper. This article will help you decide if your batch is infected, and if so, if it's worth dumping or pressing on. F...

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  • Benefits of Wet Milling and Grain Conditioning

    Rumored to be originally popularized by traditional German breweries for more efficient lautering, grain conditioning is a simple technique that involves applying a small amount of water to a grain bill prior to milling. Over a small amount of time, this freshly applied moisture is absorbed into the husk of the grains which increases its pliability and resilience through the crushing process. With just a few household items an...

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  • Sugar Additions Homebrew : When and Why

    There are two common reasons you might use sugar additions in a homebrew recipe. Either it was planned in advance for a particular recipe, or you are using it as a stopgap measure to recover from a poor gravity reading in an all-grain recipe. I will address both reasons here. If you have never added sugar to your homebrew as a response to a problematic brew process, this might be a good time to pull out your note pad and take ...

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  • Building a Keezer/ Freezer Kegerator

    The daunting decision to move away from bottling, and into kegging, is one that most homebrewers must face at some point in their brewing career. In addition to the variety of keg styles, sizes, and materials available on the market today; figuring out how to store and serve those kegs can be an undertaking. This article will serve to de-mystify the latter part of the equation by illustrating just how easy it is to convert a...

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  • How to Make Skittles Wine

    Winemaking is a fun and rewarding hobby, both for the very serious oenophile as well as the 'country' winemaker. While all have different ideas on what constitutes a good wine, most will even disagree on what a wine is! There are many winemakers who will argue that wine is a fermented product using only grapes, while just as many will use a looser definition that wine is a fermented product of any fruit juice. While it's true ...

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  • Brew the Dew - Mountain Dew Wine

    Are you a wine connoisseur or a person of refined tastes? Well this article is not for you. Every once in awhile we come across something fun, and through HomebrewTalk we found something fun; Mountain Dew Wine. What's not to love about Mountain Dew and wine; two of life's treasures along with love, puppies and ALF. I know the prospect of making such an artisan drink as "Brew the Dew Wine®™", patent pending, seems daunting...

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