Crawfish Boil & Anniversary Party 2016

After 12 months of serving our homebrewers, we took this past Saturday to celebrate with an anniversary party. We boiled up 400 lbs of live crawfish,had 4 homebrewers volunteer to brew a batch of beer on site, and had live music on the back patio. All in, it was a terrific event and we appreciate everyone who came to join!

The morning kicked off with some solid sound from the band, with vocals, guitar, cajon, and even an upright bass. These guys killed it on stage and afterwards were able jump in on the crawfish feast.


One of the reasons we love being a part of the homebrewing hobby is the community that surrounds it, and this event was no different. We had all ages come out and join the fun. Whether chasing sisters with escaped live crawfish or Daddy-Daughter dances in the Texas Sun - family, friends, and good beer are the trifecta for us!


Jessie, customer service wizard & homebrewing elder, labored over boiling crawfish from sun up to sun down and then some. Mixing in just the right amount of spice, garlic, celery, onion, & lemon. If your lips aren't burning, then it's not hot enough!


The best homebrew recipe for crawfish? We're pretty proud of our Kolsch Ale recipe & Swingin' Blonde Ale Recipe kits, perfect for hot summer weather, live music, and spicy foods!

kolsch-ale swingin-blonde

While the crawfish boil, we had 4 different homebrewers volunteer to brew a batch of beer all at the same time. Now that's some serious homebrew! One homebrewer working on Homebrew Supply's Sabco Brew magic, and the 3 other's all working on their personal gear they brought out.


Two of our warehouse associates brewed their first batch together using Homebrew Supply's Lemon-Lime Hefeweizen All Grain Kit. Welcome to the hobby guys, and extra points for making an All Grain batch your first! Thanks to all the homebrewer's helping to instruct and guide them through their first round (of hopefully many!).


Lastly, an extra special thanks goes to Middleton Brewing for all their support to help put on this event. From being a volunteer for homebrewing demo to helping us perfect the crawfish recipe, you guys were a great help! Cheers!


Miss out on the crawfish? Make sure to like us on Facebook to keep up with more events like this throughout the year! See all of you soon, and until then... Prosit!

written by Tyler Tanton

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