• Secrets to Bottling Your Wine

    So you've patiently waited for your wine to be finished, and now you're ready to bottle your wine. But how do you bottle your wine? It's a simple process, but just like before, you need to be careful not to introduce spoilage factors or too much oxygen in doing so. First Thing's First, Preparation Wine: First you want to assure that your wine is fully fermented and stable (completely finished fermenting), fined for heat and co...

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  • Cold Soaking in Wine Making

    On the back label of many Pinot Noirs we see the term “Cold Soak” listed as part of the winemaking process. If you make your way into a tasting room in the Sonoma Valley of California or the Willamette Valley of Oregon, you may have a winemaker or tasting room host divulge in a very quick succession of words that the wine in your glass was cold soaked for 3 days, for example. In California, we almost expect to see most mid...

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  • Cringe-Worthy Grain Crushing Methods Put to the Test

    The purpose of grain crushing is to crack open the outer husk of the grain, exposing the rich center. Well-milled grain will leave the husk in tact, like the opening of a clam. This will make the grain bed more coarse in the fermenter or grain bag, which will allow the water to pass through and remove the nutrients you need from within. If the grain isn’t cracked open, you won’t get all the good stuff in for your boil. If ...

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  • Quick Hits 03: Homebrewing Questions Answered

    In the last Quick Hits, we answered homebrewing questions about hops and hop spiders, secondaries, head retention, and more. This time around we're answering homebrewing questions regarding yeast, oxidation, dunk sparging, and more; • What's so Great About Liquid Yeast? • How Long Does Saved Yeast Last? • Problems Caused by High Fermentation Temperature • What is a Dunk Sparge? • Preventing Oxygen Exposure at B...

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  • Easy Partial Mash Brewing in 7 Steps

    You’ve made a few extract-based beer kits, maybe even put together a few recipes of your own. You’re using steeped caramel and roasted malts to add color and flavor to your beer, and everything’s going great. But you want to expand your repertoire, and explore some of the bins of base malts available to homebrewers. Those other bins are full of all kinds great flavors and colors of malts, but base malts need mashing, not...

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  • Wine Grape Varieties and Their Characteristics

    Below is a list of common wine grape varieties, their characteristics and the winemaking practices that best suit them. There are of course, plenty more, and the options for blending varietals or adding fruit goes without saying. It's okay if you just came for the beautiful grape photos. Sauvignon Blanc Featured Product Sauvignon Blanc The flavor is full and dry, with a fruity, herbaceous characteristic, which finishes cr...

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  • The Homebrewer's Survival Guide for the Holidays

    The holidays are here, and that means time with the family, plenty of homebrew to cope with all that family time, and trying to figure out what to give people without resorting to gift cards (which are actually okay in our book). Fear not. We’ve put together a holiday survival guide that should help you navigate the minefields of gift giving, family gatherings, homebrew tastings, and more. Because believe us, we want to get ...

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  • Quick Hits: Homebrewing Questions Answered 02

    In the first Quick Hits, we answered homebrewing questions about packaging, special B malt, and mead issues. We're still getting a steady flow of questions that only need a short answer. This week's homebrewing questions are; • How To Use A Hop Spider. • When Should I Use A Secondary? • Tuning Your Propane Burner. • How Do You Dry Hop In A Keg? • What's The Best Way To Store Grain? • Why Is There No Head On My Beer...

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  • Creating and Sharing a Wishlist on Homebrew Supply

    Sometimes explaining the homebrewing items you want for your birthday, Christmas, or other occasion can feel like trying to teach your great grandmother how to use the DVR, and then actually go back and watch what was recorded. It doesn't always go so well. Homebrew Supply however, has made things a bit easier for you and your family. You can create a wishlist and share it with those looking to buy you a gift, and even add not...

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