• Quick Hits: Homebrewing Questions Answered 02

    In the first Quick Hits, we answered homebrewing questions about packaging, special B malt, and mead issues. We're still getting a steady flow of questions that only need a short answer. This week's homebrewing questions are; • How To Use A Hop Spider. • When Should I Use A Secondary? • Tuning Your Propane Burner. • How Do You Dry Hop In A Keg? • What's The Best Way To Store Grain? • Why Is There No Head On My Beer...

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  • Creating and Sharing a Wishlist on Homebrew Supply

    Sometimes explaining the homebrewing items you want for your birthday, Christmas, or other occasion can feel like trying to teach your great grandmother how to use the DVR, and then actually go back and watch what was recorded. It doesn't always go so well. Homebrew Supply however, has made things a bit easier for you and your family. You can create a wishlist and share it with those looking to buy you a gift, and even add not...

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  • A Discussion with SABCO Brewing Systems

    Currently, Homebrew Supply is the only retailer to carry SABCO's high-end brewing systems that meet the needs of advanced homebrewers and commercial brewers alike. I had the opportunity to speak with some of the people that made it all possible, but first let's dig into their rich history in the brewing industry. The History of SABCO SABCO has been in the family since the beginning. In the lead image from left to right is, Dan...

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  • Harvesting Yeast from Bottle Conditioned Beers

    Want to get a little bit closer to that clone you’re making? Want to save money building up your yeast bank? Consider harvesting yeast from the bottle. Harvesting yeast from a commercial beer has been around a long time, and why shouldn’t it? So much flavor of a beer comes from the yeast used, so when you’re attempting a clone, or building your stock of yeast strains, this skill should definitely be in your bag of tricks...

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  • Holiday Side Dishes Made With Homebrew

    Many homebrewers like to find new ways to incorporate their beers into everything. After all this is the best way to gain support of significant others, and maybe even convert an in-law or two into dedicated homebrewers as well. The tail end of Fall means the holiday season is upon us, and beyond pairing beer with holiday meals, we can cook with homebrew as well. Here are some great homebrew inspired side dishes. Why Cook With...

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  • Quick Hits: Homebrewing Questions Answered 01

    Many times we use homebrewing questions we get to decide what needs to be written about here in the Learning Center. However sometimes the answers are short and sweet, which is good, but they don't fit together well as an article, so we can't get the answers out to everybody as easily. Quick Hits is a bi-weekly question-and-answer series that covers short answer homebrewing questions or other brief topics. • What Size Keezer...

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  • Testing Wine Musts For Sugar, pH, and TA

    Making wine is a fun and rewarding area of homebrewing. While you can make it simply by mixing the components to a kit together, setting, and forgetting; you can increase the quality of your wine by testing and adjusting your wines gravity, pH, and TA accordingly. Testing Sugar in Wine The testing of sugar in must is simple and needs only 2 pieces of equipment. First, a wine hydrometer and second a tall test flask. The test fl...

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  • How to Make German Gluhwein

    German Gluhwein is the name given for wine mulled with spices that is served warm. As weather grows colder, Gluhwein is a warm spicy treat that is great for gatherings with family and friends, or even just sharing a couple glasses on a cold night while watching TV. Mulled wine sounds like a lot of work, but it's actually quite simple, and easily scale-able! A Bit of History Gluhwein is actually  an integral part of the holida...

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  • Beer Pairing Suggestions for Thanksgiving Day

    Thanksgiving is just a few short weeks away. Odds are, you're either eating at your house, attending someone else's gathering, or attending several gatherings. Whether you're hosting or attending, serving or bringing a great beer to go with a turkey dinner is always a great gesture. Now if you aren't celebrating Thanksgiving, then perhaps you should be using that day to watch football and brew up a delicious beer. Here are som...

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