• Making Spent Grain Bread

    Living in an urban area can leave a homebrewer with a lot of leftover spent grain, and nothing you can really do with it besides throwing it out. In rural areas you can compost, or give the grains to a local farm, but neither are really do-able in a city. However, you can make bread from a portion of the spent grain, so not all goes to waste. Best of all, making bread from spent grain is an easy and rewarding venture. Spent Gr...

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  • Oxygenating Your Wort and the Importance of Doing So

    Oxygen is somewhat of a tricky subject as you need to pay attention to how much you're adding, as well as when you're adding it. Properly oxygenating your wort plays a big role in yeast's ability to reproduce and complete a healthy fermentation. However adding it at the wrong time will either do you no good, or actually do some damage to your beer. Let's go over the topic of wort aeration. When to Oxygenate Your Wort Timing is...

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  • Celebrities Who Homebrew and Other Interesting Tidbits

    Homebrewing sometimes is perceived as a dark art by popular culture. People in their basement with flasks and open vessels the reminds you more of a scene from Breaking Bad than actual homebrewing, all in good fun of course. One Superbowl commercial I remember is when a "homebrewer" is serving his beer made with sausage to his guests (a joke of course), but did you know there are plenty of celebrities who homebrew? Here is a g...

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  • Hosting A Very Homebrew Halloween Party

    It's October, and that means Halloween just might be on your brain. If you're one to dive into the festivities every October the 31st, you may host a gathering with friends to drink and have fun. A homebrew driven Halloween bash can be a lot of fun and it gives you an excuse to brew more beer. Here are a few ideas to get you inspired about hosting a homebrew Halloween party of your own. Serve Homebrew From a Pumpkin A uniq...

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  • Serving Beer From a Pumpkin: 2 Methods

    It's officially Fall. And that means pumpkin season is here. You can hate pumpkin beer all you want, and that's fine because this article isn't about that. It's about serving beer from one!  There are two ways to approach this (both of which are really for show). One is a lot cleaner and the other is a bit more unorthodox, but both methods are used regularly for serving beer out of a pumpkin at a party. Method 1: The Jockey S...

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  • Mashing and Sparging Methods

    Mashing is a tool that all grain brewers use to convert the starches in grain into fermentable sugars. If you're new to all-grain brewing or are ready to take the leap from extract, this is a great article to get your feet wet. If you're contemplating between extract vs all grain brewing, one difference is that you will need to mash in order to brew all grain beer. What is Mashing? What is Sparging? Mashing and sparging are tw...

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  • How to Use Oak in Homebrewing

    Oak is a truly remarkable wood - and that isn't the carpenter in me speaking although it’s pretty good for that too. Oak’s gentle influence in alcohol from spirits to wine to beer that makes it desirable. While oak barrels are well known for their use in wine-making, distilling, and beer brewing, the plucky homebrewer doesn’t need to have giant barrels scattered around the yard to enjoy oak’s wonderful nature. Utilizin...

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  • The Fermentation Chamber : Building and Components Overview

    If you want to get your brewing career off to a flying start, your number one aim should really  be a fermentation chamber after your starting equipment of course. A fermentation chamber can provide optimum temperature of your fermentation, which helps control ester profiles and reduce fusel alcohols. I live in Ireland where the temperatures are usually too low for homebrew fermentation except for three months in the Summer w...

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  • How and When to Harvest Hops

    Featured Product Hop Rhizomes Growing your own hops can be a fun and rewarding process, and it adds a fresh twist to your beer! Don't wait to order, as rhizomes are only harvested once per year and sell fast. $4.25 Order Now Summer is on the wane. The weather is starting to cool. That means it’s almost hop harvesting time, and that means a lot of new hop growers are probably starting to see the cones filling up their bin...

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