• Is Homebrew Dying?

    All hobbies die. It's a fact that all of us may be facing in the coming decade. There was a time  when children played in the streets hitting a hoop with a stick. That's gone. Fifteen years ago, children for the most part, played outside. Neither of those things really happen any more. Even our beloved hobby homebrewing has declined over the last couple years. So we must ask ourselves, is homebrew dying, and if so, what do we...

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  • DIY Sight Glass and Sight Glass Installation

    Volume is one of the many quintessential measurements we as homebrewers use to rule our brewing lives. Whether it be pre-boil volume to determine our end result yield, or the right amount of water to sparge with, these quantities can undeniably make or break your beer and brew day. Thankfully due to a surge in interest in the hobby over the past few years, home brewing gear has continued to improve and evolve, making it easier...

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  • Winemaking Sanitation

    As with making good beer, sanitation and cleanliness is key when making wine as well. Cleanliness will minimize and eliminate contamination and spoilage. This will save time, money and heartache. Below are the main steps and areas where clean and sanitized environments are crucial to avoid an infection in your wine. Your Winemaking Space Make sure the area that you are working in is clean, this includes the floor and any surfa...

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  • 60, 90, or Otherwise: Finding the Best Boil Times

    Award-winning beer comes from a 60-minute boil. So all brewers should boil for 60 minutes. Guess what? The same can be said for 70 minutes, 45 minutes, 120 minutes and so on. There is no hard and fast rule about boiling times so let’s explore how to determine what boil time is best for you and your specific batch's needs. Understand that 15 Minutes is the Minimum Boiling kills bacteria and sterilizes wort, making it fit for ...

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  • Shipping Yeast in the Summer

    The hot Summer weather brings new challenges to brewing, especially when it comes to shipping yeast. The temperatures yeast are subjected to while shipping can cause a lot of issues for a brewer, so it's important to follow the best procedure possible to ensure healthy yeast upon arrival. Let's go over what happens to yeast, and what you can do to make sure your brew day and fermentation go off without a hitch. Shipping Yeast ...

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  • Hopping Methods In All Stages of Brewing

    When was the day that 80 IBUs (International bitterness unites) in a beer became too little, not bold enough, or just plain ordinary? The increasing demand for ultra hoppy beers has spiked over the last few years pushing brewer's to be creative with all kinds of hopping methods to achieve maximum hoppyness. Let's look at some hopping methods you can use to further manipulate the hop profile in your beer today. Boil Addition...

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  • How to Tell if Your Beer or Mead is Infected

    The fermentation process can look alien at times, which may make you ask yourself "is this infected?" Once you've asked yourself that question, you begin to go down the rabbit hole and start to contemplate dumping your homebrew down the drain. But before you take that step, you should be very sure that it's a dumper. This article will help you decide if your batch is infected, and if so, if it's worth dumping or pressing on. F...

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  • Homebrew Supply's - Homebrew Starter Kit Giveaway

    Know anyone who likes a good beer and may be interested in brewing their own? We bet you do. Most of us have at least a brewing assistant or two that are ready to start making their own beer given the right tools. We love introducing new people to our hobby, so we're giving away 1 Homebrew Starter Kit FREE to 1 aspiring homebrewer! How Do I Enter? If you or someone you know may be interested in starting their own homebrew...

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  • How to Calculate Brewhouse Efficiency

    At some point in your homebrewing career, you are likely to take a gravity reading during a brew session, and think, "what the heck went wrong?" If you can be bothered, you search through the vast halls of the university of homebrewing that lives on the Internet. Then you land upon the term “brewhouse efficiency”. This may appear in an article, blog post, recipe, or even your favorite brewing software that is offering to c...

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