Refurbished Keg Giveaway: Winners Announced

We asked you all to share your brew days with us, and you delivered! We had a blast looking through all of the entries, and seeing just how crazy you all are about homebrewing. After much deliberation, we are ready to announce the winners of the refurbished keg giveaway!

We chose from many entries to come up with 4 runner ups who will receive gift cards and one grand prize winner who will be getting their hands on 4 refurbished kegs and a gift card to help fill those kegs with homebrew. Here are the four runner ups.

Runner Ups (In No Particular Order)

Craig Torres

2 lambics brewing Boldly brewing two lambic beers without even caring for sours all that much.

Craig was being adventurous and brewing two lambics. One with commercial bugs (Brett L, and Lactobacillus), and the second sour was with wild caught yeast

"...Unknown if it will make a good sour but I wanted to make a control using known yeast/bacteria. I did a step mash of 14lbs 6-row and 6lbs flaked wheat with a pound of rice hulls, (112F Glucan rest 20 mins/ 120F Protein rest 20 mins/ 149F Beta / 160F Alpha). In the picture you see a 10 gallon mash tun, a 5 gallon hot liquor tank (both of the Gatorade variety), a DIY copper wort chiller, and a ten gallon. kettle"

Why He brews- Craig's journey through homebrewing is one that many have taken. He at some point tasted a great craft beer (in this case Magic Hat IPA). He also had that little voice in his head that making something yourself from microbial organisms is definitely the way to explore more beer. He even has a degree in biology to boot.

I've worked my way through IPAs to Stouts and porters, Amber ales, and adjunct beers (pumpkin to be specific) now I am venturing into Sours and the history these beers have had with our people throughout the centuries. Beer to me isn't just what's in the glass it's the history and the science that fascinates me. I don't care for sours (so far), but I love that it's something my ancestors drank, and I love that it's a collection of microbes that come together contributing to the whole to make something we can enjoy. (I mean waiting two years to drink something I pray I'll enjoy it).

Beer is not something I want to make a career out of, but it is something I want to do for the rest of my life.

Ole Buzzard Brewing

brew shed 1F So from left to right, standing up is Marcos Anello, standing behind the pans is Jeremiah Katz, standing in the right is Ralph petty, the "studly" bald guy sitting is Scott Stalter, and the closest on the right is Donnie Reese.

Currently seen brewing their award winning Pale Ale, Ole Buzzard Brewing is big on shiny stainless steel, and was out to claim four kegs in our giveaway to fill from their 17.5 gallon conical fermenter. It may be hard to believe, but the five-some began brewing with kits only three years ago. Maybe it's not hard to believe, as homebrewing is pretty synonymous with addiction. You'll have to check my sources on that.

Our club [Ole Buzzard Brewing] is made up of 5 members: A mix of veterans, carpenters, local tradesmen, and a firefighter. We support a local food bank yearly in the Beans and Brew Homebrew Contest. There is nothing better than walking in the shed and smelling malt and hops brewing....

Dave, Chevy, And the Rest of the Gang

boat brewin Dave and Chevy (Brewing); Baby Jack, Aubrey, Claire, and Bailey. The tortoises (They are family too): Tubby and Gamera. The guys are brewing an Imperial Honey IPA on their 15 Gallon HERMS rig.

Another quickly exploding set of brewers who got into the hobby and found themselves knee deep in stainless steel, pumps, and carboys. Thankfully they have their trusty pontoon boat to spread homebrewing joy across the waters.

Funny - Just last night I became a member of "Special Hoperations" brew club based out of Tampa, FL. I started brewing just over 2 years ago, with my first extract IPA and buckets with my neighbor, Dave. Luckily for me, it came out halfway decent (I have no idea how). Since then, I've learned a ton about brewing. I love the fact that every day you can learn something new when homebrewing. It might be a new technique, a new ingredient to introduce, or heck, just last night I learned that the Beersmith Cloud is included when you purchase Beersmith! The people in this community are one-of-a-kind and are just awesome people to be around. I look forward to many more brew days

Alfredo Rocha

homebrew-arocha One of Alfredo's impressive systems. The fact that he is clearly a huge fan of the Gronk (I hope at least) is the cherry on top.

Alfredo is a homebrewer on the verge of opening his own nano-brewery. He also works part time as a festival rep for Sierra Nevada. When he's not doing that he's brewing on his impressive 1.5 barrel brew system, or his smaller 10 gallon system. In this scene, he is working on creating a Gose without needing to kettle sour.

I love homebrewing for several reasons.  Aside from drinking different beers of course, I enjoy the endless possibilities of making different beers and making them my own.  I enjoy tinkering, sharing, competing, and fine tuning my own recipes until I get them just right.  I enjoy the DIY aspect of continuously improving my brewing system and building beer serving equipment (jockey box, outdoor bar, keezer, etc).  And last but not least, I enjoy the community surrounding homebrew and craft beer.

The Big Winner of the Keg Giveaway

The OG Brewing Club

winners of the giveaway- the og The girl in the gray hoodie is Kathy DeLassus (this is her system we are brewing on), with the glasses is Suzie Emiliozzi, stirring is Patricia Thomas and in the green is Lindsay Armstrong.

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The OG is a two-year-old, non-profit, education-focused women’s beer club. They educate about all things beer: styles, history, brewing, food pairing, and more. Here, they can be seen brewing a black IPA for a collaboration brew with other local women's brew clubs. O'Fallon brewing company is hosting this session in particular.

We love home brewing together! We usually chat a few weeks in advance about what we want to brew and discuss the recipe. The collaboration is a huge part of this, getting input from lots of ladies and then the brew day with everyone pitching in. So collaboration, cooperation, and education are the biggest reasons we love home brewing together. And its also pretty awesome to see the look on people’s faces when they hear its a bunch of ladies home brewing together.

Congratulations to the OG and all our runner ups. And thank you to everyone else who submitted their awesome brew days into the contest. If you want to check out some more great brew day photos for yourself, go to our Instagram account.

We are also running another contest if you want to get in on the action. All you need is a camera and a Homebrew Supply T-Shirt.

written by David Doucette

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