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  • Serving Beer From a Pumpkin: 2 Methods

    It's officially Fall. And that means pumpkin season is here. You can hate pumpkin beer all you want, and that's fine because this article isn't about that. It's about serving beer from one!  There are two ways to approach this (both of which are really for show). One is a lot cleaner and the other is a bit more unorthodox, but both methods are used regularly for serving beer out of a pumpkin at a party. Method 1: The Jockey S...

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  • How and When to Harvest Hops

    Featured Product Hop Rhizomes Growing your own hops can be a fun and rewarding process, and it adds a fresh twist to your beer! Don't wait to order, as rhizomes are only harvested once per year and sell fast. $4.25 Order Now Summer is on the wane. The weather is starting to cool. That means it’s almost hop harvesting time, and that means a lot of new hop growers are probably starting to see the cones filling up their bin...

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  • DIY Sight Glass and Sight Glass Installation

    Volume is one of the many quintessential measurements we as homebrewers use to rule our brewing lives. Whether it be pre-boil volume to determine our end result yield, or the right amount of water to sparge with, these quantities can undeniably make or break your beer and brew day. Thankfully due to a surge in interest in the hobby over the past few years, home brewing gear has continued to improve and evolve, making it easier...

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  • Making a DIY Wort Chiller

    You might’ve heard that the quicker you chill your wort after boiling, the less likely it is for bacteria and other unwanted microbes to spoil it. You might also have heard that an immersion chiller is a common way to quickly cool wort. While there are many low-cost options available to purchase, like the one's sold here on Homebrew Supply, building a DIY wort chiller can be a very fun weekend project. An immersion chiller i...

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  • Building a Keezer/ Freezer Kegerator

    The daunting decision to move away from bottling, and into kegging, is one that most homebrewers must face at some point in their brewing career. In addition to the variety of keg styles, sizes, and materials available on the market today; figuring out how to store and serve those kegs can be an undertaking. This article will serve to de-mystify the latter part of the equation by illustrating just how easy it is to convert a...

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  • DIY Homebrew Keggle Conversion

    Homebrewers are renowned for being creative, not only by coming up with beer recipes, but also for building an array of brewing equipment. This creativity includes converting commercial sanke kegs into Hot Liquor Tanks (HLTs), Mash Tuns and Brew Kettles (called a keggle). In this article I will explain how I took two 15.5 US gallon sanke kegs and a 7.75 US gallon pony keg and converted them for a three-tier brewing system Afte...

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