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  • All Grain Brew Day: Crush to Pitch

    OK, so you want to try all grain. But what goes into an all grain brew day? There are two basic methods of mashing grain, with branches off of those. Using a mash tun or using the Brew-In-A-Bag (BIAB) method. I’m going to focus on the more traditional mash tun, but rest assured that BIAB will produce equally excellent all-grain beer as well. Make Sure Everything Is Accounted For Figure out what beer you want to brew, then ma...

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  • Quick Hits: Homebrewing Questions Answered 02

    In the first Quick Hits, we answered homebrewing questions about packaging, special B malt, and mead issues. We're still getting a steady flow of questions that only need a short answer. This week's homebrewing questions are; • How To Use A Hop Spider. • When Should I Use A Secondary? • Tuning Your Propane Burner. • How Do You Dry Hop In A Keg? • What's The Best Way To Store Grain? • Why Is There No Head On My Beer...

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  • How to Calculate Brewhouse Efficiency

    At some point in your homebrewing career, you are likely to take a gravity reading during a brew session, and think, "what the heck went wrong?" If you can be bothered, you search through the vast halls of the university of homebrewing that lives on the Internet. Then you land upon the term “brewhouse efficiency”. This may appear in an article, blog post, recipe, or even your favorite brewing software that is offering to c...

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  • Five Awesome Home Bar Upgrades

    Ever since you started homebrewing, the amount of friends that drop over (unannounced of course) for a pint has increased exponentially. Even more so once you installed that 3-tap keezer. Now you’re thinking it’s time to apply some upgrades to your bar setup. Let’s look at a few potential upgrades you can make to your serving zone that will make you the envy (if you weren’t already) of your circle. Things like tap hand...

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  • How to Use Cheesecloth

    Cheesecloth actually has a wide array of uses. Everything from cheese making to homebrewing to medical uses. But what IS cheesecloth? By definition "cheesecloth is a gauzy, lightweight, woven cotton fabric with tiny holes that allow air to flow through the fabric". While you may think cheese making is the only place cheesecloth gets significant use, but you'd be wrong. The porous fabric has so many uses, especially in the kit...

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  • 5 Gadgets Every Homebrewer Must Own

    There are a lot of tools and gadgets available to us as homebrewers. There is a tool for just about everything to make our brew days easier. However, there are some tools that I would consider essential "must owns" for every homebrewer. These five gadgets are ones that I would not leave home without on a brew day. This list of gadgets is by no means comprehensive, and there are quite a few other essentials you'll need to brew ...

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  • How to Fix a Leak In Your Kegging System

    Your beer masterpiece is ready for its debut. Friends have gathered in anticipation. Pint glass in hand, you crack the tap and you have no pressure! Don’t panic, let’s take a little time to diagnose the problem and find a solution. You should be able to find and fix a leak in a jiffy and get back to enjoying your beer. So grab your Teflon plumber’s tape, o-rings /gaskets appropriate for your set up, poppets, wrench(es), ...

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  • 5 Weekend Homebrewing DIY Projects

    Winter is wrapping up, so for those of us who hibernate brewing wise (or just in general), it's almost time to dust off the kettle and fill our propane tanks. If you got a fat refund from the IRS, you may be thinking about an upgrade in the brewing department. Here are five great DIY projects you can start working on during the weekends. If you manage to complete them all, you're destined to have a great brewing year. As you k...

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  • Lessons Learned: Homebrew Tips and Experiences

    By Chris Callahan There is a short-list of hobbies out there where people really get the “bug” and dive head-long into a lifetime of enjoyment.  For me, it was home brewing and photography.  Then I realized you can’t drink photos.  Now, it’s just home brewing.  I remember starting out having no clue what I was doing.  I started with all-grain because I did not even know that extract existed.  I soon found a comm...

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