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  • How to Calculate Brewhouse Efficiency

    At some point in your homebrewing career, you are likely to take a gravity reading during a brew session, and think, "what the heck went wrong?" If you can be bothered, you search through the vast halls of the university of homebrewing that lives on the Internet. Then you land upon the term “brewhouse efficiency”. This may appear in an article, blog post, recipe, or even your favorite brewing software that is offering to c...

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  • How to Read a Hydrometer

    When brewing beer gravity readings are typically done just before sealing the fermenter and again after fermentation has completed.  These are called the original gravity and final gravity respectively.  As the yeast converts the relatively high density sugar to lower density alcohol and carbon dioxide the solution density will drop.  The change in solution density can be used to estimate the alcohol content of the beer, an...

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