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  • All Grain Brew Day: Crush to Pitch

    OK, so you want to try all grain. But what goes into an all grain brew day? There are two basic methods of mashing grain, with branches off of those. Using a mash tun or using the Brew-In-A-Bag (BIAB) method. I’m going to focus on the more traditional mash tun, but rest assured that BIAB will produce equally excellent all-grain beer as well. Make Sure Everything Is Accounted For Figure out what beer you want to brew, then ma...

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  • Quick Hits: Homebrewing Questions Answered 04

    Featured Product Recipe Kits Extract brewing cuts down the time it takes to finish a batch down considerable, allowing the brewer to skip the "mashing" process altogether and go straight to the boil. It also requiring less equipment than all-grain brewing. $25.95 - 72.95 Order Now In the last Quick Hits, we answered homebrewing questions about yeast, dunk sparging, and oxygenation issues. We're going to continue the yeast ...

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  • Barleywine Basics and A Recipe

    Featured Product Barleywine Recipe Kit Our American Barleywine is a big, bold, and strong version of the American classic. Complex in flavor and aroma, this sipper only gets better with age. $55.95 Order Now The term Barleywine (also known as “Barley Wine” in the U.K.) is somewhat of a misnomer. Containing no fruit, it is actually a very strong all-barley beer. Ranging in strength from 8% ABV to as high as 25%...

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  • Quick Hits: Homebrewing Questions Answered 02

    In the first Quick Hits, we answered homebrewing questions about packaging, special B malt, and mead issues. We're still getting a steady flow of questions that only need a short answer. This week's homebrewing questions are; • How To Use A Hop Spider. • When Should I Use A Secondary? • Tuning Your Propane Burner. • How Do You Dry Hop In A Keg? • What's The Best Way To Store Grain? • Why Is There No Head On My Beer...

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  • Oxygenating Your Wort and the Importance of Doing So

    Oxygen is somewhat of a tricky subject as you need to pay attention to how much you're adding, as well as when you're adding it. Properly oxygenating your wort plays a big role in yeast's ability to reproduce and complete a healthy fermentation. However adding it at the wrong time will either do you no good, or actually do some damage to your beer. Let's go over the topic of wort aeration. When to Oxygenate Your Wort Timing is...

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  • Celebrities Who Homebrew and Other Interesting Tidbits

    Homebrewing sometimes is perceived as a dark art by popular culture. People in their basement with flasks and open vessels the reminds you more of a scene from Breaking Bad than actual homebrewing, all in good fun of course. One Superbowl commercial I remember is when a "homebrewer" is serving his beer made with sausage to his guests (a joke of course), but did you know there are plenty of celebrities who homebrew? Here is a g...

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  • Mashing and Sparging Methods

    Mashing is a tool that all grain brewers use to convert the starches in grain into fermentable sugars. If you're new to all-grain brewing or are ready to take the leap from extract, this is a great article to get your feet wet. If you're contemplating between extract vs all grain brewing, one difference is that you will need to mash in order to brew all grain beer. What is Mashing? What is Sparging? Mashing and sparging are tw...

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  • How Much Priming Sugar Should I Use

    Priming sugar, for those who bottle their homebrew, is the sugar you add at bottling time to carbonate (prime) the beer. A given beer's level of carbonation is measured in "Volumes of CO2", which are defined by the style it is. Each style has it's own ideal level of carbonation, and in a competition, a properly carbonated beer can be the difference between winning and falling a few points short. Besides that, having a prop...

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  • Is Homebrew Dying?

    All hobbies die. It's a fact that all of us may be facing in the coming decade. There was a time  when children played in the streets hitting a hoop with a stick. That's gone. Fifteen years ago, children for the most part, played outside. Neither of those things really happen any more. Even our beloved hobby homebrewing has declined over the last couple years. So we must ask ourselves, is homebrew dying, and if so, what do we...

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