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  • Maintaining Mash Temperature

    When I did my first all-grain batch, I had no end of issues with keeping the mash temperature where I wanted it. It seemed simply impossible to get it even close to stable for a whole hour; I’d overshoot, then see the temperature drop too far, and I was always correcting by adding boiling or cold water. I had a few batches there where the results were just completely unpredictable, and it caused me a lot of frustration until...

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  • DIY Homebrew Keggle Conversion

    Homebrewers are renowned for being creative, not only by coming up with beer recipes, but also for building an array of brewing equipment. This creativity includes converting commercial sanke kegs into Hot Liquor Tanks (HLTs), Mash Tuns and Brew Kettles (called a keggle). In this article I will explain how I took two 15.5 US gallon sanke kegs and a 7.75 US gallon pony keg and converted them for a three-tier brewing system Afte...

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  • Beginner’s Guide to All-Grain Homebrewing

    Mash, and sparge and grist, oh my! Mash, and sparge and grist, oh my! Just as Dorothy was overwhelmed when she entered Oz, moving into all-grain homebrewing can seem just as daunting. With a little determination, the right tools, and some helpful friends you will soon be on the yellow brick road to making great beer. I got into all-grain brewing (AG) about 5 batches ago, and I love how it opens up more of the world of brewing ...

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  • Guide to Mashing and Sparging

    Mashing is a process used during all grain brewing to convert the starches in the grain to sugars. Depending mostly on the temperature and time of the mash a variety of sugar compositions can be produced. Brew in a bag (BIAB) is an easy way to go about mashing grain with very little special equipment. In fact, the only thing you’ll probably need to buy is a paint strainer bag. If the crushed grain mixture, or grist, is prima...

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