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  • The Fermentation Chamber : Building and Components Overview

    If you want to get your brewing career off to a flying start, your number one aim should really  be a fermentation chamber after your starting equipment of course. A fermentation chamber can provide optimum temperature of your fermentation, which helps control ester profiles and reduce fusel alcohols. I live in Ireland where the temperatures are usually too low for homebrew fermentation except for three months in the Summer w...

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  • Upgrading Your Brewhouse

    You've been brewing for a while now, and maybe some of your equipment is a bit run down or well used. Maybe your brewhouse is behind on the times, and you're looking for an upgrade... But where do you begin? Upgrading your brewhouse is actually as easy as pie. That being, the brew-day, and fermentation. Let's go over some great upgrades to your brewhouse from mash-in to the end of fermentation. Brew Day Upgrades Aluminum kettl...

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  • 5 Gadgets Every Homebrewer Must Own

    There are a lot of tools and gadgets available to us as homebrewers. There is a tool for just about everything to make our brew days easier. However, there are some tools that I would consider essential "must owns" for every homebrewer. These five gadgets are ones that I would not leave home without on a brew day. This list of gadgets is by no means comprehensive, and there are quite a few other essentials you'll need to brew ...

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  • 5 Weekend Homebrewing DIY Projects

    Winter is wrapping up, so for those of us who hibernate brewing wise (or just in general), it's almost time to dust off the kettle and fill our propane tanks. If you got a fat refund from the IRS, you may be thinking about an upgrade in the brewing department. Here are five great DIY projects you can start working on during the weekends. If you manage to complete them all, you're destined to have a great brewing year. As you k...

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  • A Homebrewer's Wishlist

    Featured Product Extract Recipe Kits New brewers typically will begin with the extract brewing process, in which liquid malt extracts and/or dry malt extracts are used. $25.95-$72.95 Order Now Homebrewers can be a difficult bunch to buy for. Without some insider knowledge, it can be tough to know what a brewer needs, wants, or will use. Brewers are also at varying points in the hobby, so while some may need basic equipmen...

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  • 10 Easy to Avoid Mistakes Homebrewers Make

    Hey nobody's perfect, and anyone can make a mistake that can have an adverse effect on their beer. Here are 10 mistakes homebrewers often make and how you can avoid them. 1. Pitching Enough Yeast Probably the most common mistake made by homebrewers and one that can have enormous effect on the final outcome of your beer. Dry Yeast has a significantly higher cell count than Liquid, however if you are not rehydrating your dry ...

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